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Within the Environment activity, ProCME Group intervenes in areas of construction and environmental management as diverse as

. the implementation of the Corporate Environmental Management System in the Group companies applied to the respective work contracts;
. the preparation of Environmental Impact / Incidence Studies and related studies (the study of major determinants, RECAPE, Monitoring Plans, Environmental Monitoring Plans for Work Contracts);
. the Environmental Monitoring for Work Contracts;
. the Environmental Licensing of Projects;
. the Licensing of Project Reserved Soil Use (Hydraulic Reserve, National Agricultural Reserve, National Ecological Reserve, ...);
. the Preparation of Plans for the Prevention and Management of Construction and Demolition Waste;
. the preparation of Access Plans;
. Monitoring of the Environment Acoustic Component;
. the preparation of Landscape Recovery Plans;
. Strategic Environmental Evaluation;
. the preparation of Hydrographic Basin Management Plans;
. Consultancy for the Implementation of Environmental Management Systems;
. the design of projects, construction, implementation and operation of Waste Treatment Systems;
. the design of projects, construction and operation of Waste-Derived Fuels Production Units (with waste recovery).