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In CME we've always invested on professional training as one of the main and determinant instruments to the success of our organisation.  Besides the training activity due to the normal technical and professional development of our collaborators, in 2010 we started a more ambitious and structured project: the criation of a Training Centre for Excellence, with a mainly technical purpose; besides giving technical traing to our collaborators, it provides technological innovation and the sharing of experiences - thus, CME's Training Centre in Lousã was born.

The success of this project led in 2014 to the concentration of all the activity - the Lousã Training Centre and other Poles, meanwhile created throughout the country - in a structure focused on providing services in the field of vocational / technical / technological training based on the following commitments:

·Careful preparation of resources, in terms of their programming, content and support;

·Creation and maintenance of an internal team of trainers, technically and pedagogically prepared;

·Creation and maintenance of training parks equipped with adequate infrastructures, to carry out theoretical and practical training in the technological fields involved.

To this structure we call ProCME Academy. At the Academy we aim to enhance the attraction, development and subsequent admission of candidates wishing to work in CME, to facilitate the inclusion of young people in the workplace, and to promote both training and retraining.

CME (the company that configures the Academy) is an accredited by DGERT (General Directorate for Employment and Labor Relations) Training Entity since 2001, in training areas such as:

·Designing interventions, programs, tools and information media;

·Organization and promotion of interventions or training activities;

·Development / implementation of interventions or training activities.

This accreditation covers (among others) the following areas of education and training:

522 - Eletricity and Energy

523 - Eletronics and Automation

862 - Safety and hygiene at work

In addition to this accreditation, on a broader level, CME also has the following accreditations / recognitions:

Electricity Sector: AQTSE/EDP;

Telecommunications Sector: ANACOM, PT;

Health and Safety: IEP/EDP, PT.


ProCME Training Centre

Zona Industrial Casal de Ermio, 3200 - 010 Casal de Ermio, Lousã

Tel: 23 999 02 00    Fax: 23 999 02 09