Training Academy and Training Branches 



The training activity of the Group is based on certifications, external recognitions and properly evaluated and tested specific programs.

The Training Academy at Lousã and all the different Training Branches enable to convey the know-how of the Group in the training area, with the promotion of internal and external events.

The Training Academy is located in Lousã and provides training events for the community and the general public.



Main subject areas

Framework of the Organization/Company

Electricity and Power


Quality, Environment, Safety and Hygiene at Work

Safety against Fire in Buildings





Zona Industrial Casal de Ermio

3200-010 Casal de Ermio - Lousã



Tel: (+351) 239 990 200  Fax: (+351) 239 990 209


GPS Coordinates

Latitude - 40° 9'27.57"N
Longitude - 8°15'4.49"W