About Us 



With significant presence in virtually all sectors of activity, ProCME Group was formed from the creation of companies to cover the markets in addition to its flagship company, CME - Construção e Manutenção Electromecânica, S.A.

Founded in 1983, CME became the basis for the Group, whose core business during the early years of activity, was related to electromechanical installations and maintenance work for EDP - Eletricidade de Portugal, responsible for the national power grid, and for the former TLP (Portuguese Phone Company).

The strong investment in innovation and technology and the broad diversification of products and services, as well as the higher qualification and professionalism of its human resources, gave the Group the necessary competitiveness to position itself as the market leader and integrate new business areas.

The consolidation and expansion of the Group companies led naturally to its internationalization, with a strategy based on a logic of value creation and a clear contribution to the economic and social progress in the countries where it operates.